Bowenworks For Health with Stephen Smith

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Bowenworks also known as Bowen Therapy or Bowtech, is a Holistic Health Care Practice, that was developed by Mr. Thomas Bowen in Geelong Australia in the 1950's and he continued to refine his technique until his passing in 1982. 

Bowenworks is now taught and practiced in dozens of countries throughout the world, under the guidance of Oswald and Elaine Rentsch of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Bowenworks is a drug free way of Accelerating the healing process, and in most cases is done over loose clothing.
Bowenworks is for everyone, babies are always welcome and thrive with Bowenworks.
Both chronic and acute conditions respond rapidly to Bowenworks, to achieve the highest levels of well being, so that clients and their families may live and enjoy their lives to the fullest potential.

Bowenworks is not just for people. Pets and larger animals, such as horses, can benefit immediately with the fantastic results of Bowenworks; these results can be seen as soon as the animal is finished it's session.
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